Laughter. Celebration. Heartache. Exhaustion. Defeat. Love. Affection. Admiration. Connection. Passion. Mystery. Determination. Inspiration.


The feeling you get when you witness a wife greet her husband after 80 days at sea, thankful that he has returned home safely and anxious to feel his warm embrace.


The feeling you get when you witness a mother pick up her child after completing a 20 day leg at sea, tears running down both their cheeks knowing that there is so much they want to tell eachother but only being able to muster up a simple, “I missed you and love you very much.”


The feeling you get when you are out in the middle of the ocean on a transatlantic crossing, not a soul in sight and the rest of the crew fast asleep. Alone with your thoughts and humbled by the fact that you are now in the hands of mother nature.


That feeling you get when you watch months and months of hard work by many get shattered in an instant during a capsize and massive rescue, praying first that everyone is safe and ok.


The feeling that you get while watching a team celebrate, knowing that their hard work, dedication and sacrifice were well

worth it.


This is what inspires me. What inspires you?


People fall in love with people and stories, not boats and things. I’ve noticed over the past few months that boat names seem to be more familiar to people then most the sailors/crew.  Sure you may know the sailor’s names and maybe their track record on the water, but do you really know who they are? Do you want to know? I do.


So, this is my mission: to dig a little deeper, listen a little longer, get a little closer and do my best to tell the story behind the name. There are a lot of stories to be told so it’s time to get a move on it! It’s going to be an interesting ride!

Below are some of my favorite images from the past year. And a special thank you to all the people that have opened up themselves and their life to me. Thank you for trusting me to tell your story.
photo-9ACWSNewport_5499MEXORC_2012_2532DSC_2712Team J.P. Morgan BAR racing in San Francisco, CAYACHT_WoodenBoatFestPT_2011_1236YACHT_PaneriClassicNewPortRI_2011_0926YACHT_WoodenBoatFestPT_2011_0001YACHTClassic_PortStefano_0894 ZacSunderland_SoloSailor_0013SoloSailor010Leopard38_0574Family_TortolaSailingTrip_0268

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